Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Need Help?

This post is for all you new blog reader/watchers. We welcome you and want you to be comfortable here, please know we are willing to help you with any questions you have.
A blog is different than a website, it allows us to put information up quicker with less formatting and allows you to correspond with us.

You can view the blog by typing the address into your tool bar at the top of your page, adding the blog to your favorites or creating a shortcut to your desktop. See help menu on YOUR computer if you need help doing this.

To comment on the post (the new document typed in under the date) you click on the comment word at the bottom of the post and a new box will appear with a drop down window to select the type of comment you can make. Most of you who are not bloggers can comment under anonymous and then just sign the post with your name. Sometimes you have to click post comment more than once to make it publish the comment. If you get an error message that your post failed, click on post comment again but you don’t need to type your comment again. Sometimes Google needs to recognize your email account to know that you are not a spamer, or a robot computer. This will be the easiest way to make a comment. HTH (hope this helps)

*Please note, you cannot register or sign up for classes in comments, you must still call the store or email The email link will be on the right sidebar of the blog.


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