Monday, October 10, 2011

Update on the MacArthur Elementary School flooding.

My friend Sue and her peers at MacArthur Elementary School would like to thank everyone for your generous gifts of school supplies and gift certificates. The teachers and students from the Pre K – 6th grade school were relocated to three different vacant schools throughout Binghamton. Sue’s first grade class ended up at a Catholic school that stood vacant for eight years. The staff had four days to dust, mop, clean windows, and disinfect bathrooms and desks. Sue said people from the neighborhood came to help the teachers. The exhaustion level was as high as the flood was! Then the teachers had to figure out a plan of action so the students could get back to learning less than two weeks after the flood. Mind you they had to borrow lesson plans and books. The school district’s print shop was running 24/seven. I spent the weekend helping Sue laminate and trim the lessons first graders use. The school was unable to save anything because of sewage and petroleum that had seeped into every nook and cranny. Eight years of collecting and organizing a first grade curriculum was lost for Sue. One teacher Sue works with is going to retire after this school year so you can imagine her frustration. Many children were scared to see their flooded school. Sue said for that school is their haven, their safe place for care and comfort. Once again we want to thank you all for your gifts. Sincerely, Sue Stearns and Kathy Greenia
A Big shout out to our contributors:
Jean Bush, Anne Osborne, Barb Reuter, Maureen Dilk Diane Martin, Karen Frega (Bridgeport Food Pantry), Heidi Ratliff, Maureen Jowett, Sherry Bullard, Mary Ann Biancia, Yvonne Weber, Elizabeth Greenia and Stampin’ & Scrappin’ Time.

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