Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Binghamton is my hometown. Can you help?

My long time friend Sue has once again lost the entire contents of her first grade classroom along with the many other teachers at MacArthur Elementary in downtown Binghamton. The school library was also lost to the flood. If you would like to help (this school district is comparable to the Syracuse School District) please drop off any of these items to Scrappin' & Stappin" Time and I will get them to her.Susan requested: "school supplies, desk supplies, learning games, puzzles, file folders, hanging folders, highlighters, post-its, CD players for listening centers, clipboards, baskets, bulletin board decorations, filing cabinets, shelves, computer headphones, tissues, ziploc bags, paper, pencil sharpeners, hand gel, pocket folders, magnetic letters, small dry erase boards, dry erase markers, art supplies, hot glue guns, CD's of kid songs, classical CDs, books. . .I am sure I am forgetting things but this is a start!" Thank you, Kathy Greenia

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