Monday, September 6, 2010

How lucky are we?

How lucky are we that we get to have Donna Downey come to our store? Our little store in the middle of central NY?
I think it's pretty amazing! She is such an inspiring artist, we feel so honored to have her share her amazing talents with us! I guarantee you'll walk away with a different perspective and a whole new attitude on how you create. It's hard to explain until you have experienced it yourself. It is worth every minute of your time and you won't regret attending her classes.

Below, I wanted to share one of journal entries from her Inspiration Wednesday blog post.
I love the texture, colors and free flowing style of her page. She shares how she created this look with her online tutorial. She posts this every Wednesday and it makes you want to jump up and go create something!

Here is the actual video, where she explains the technique for you to try on your own. (I hope it works-I tried to embed it in this blog post.) See it here:

Her blog is a whirlwind of Inspiration that I think you'll enjoy-

And I was looking through her other entries-wow!
I hope you decide to join us this weekend for endless creativity and an opportunity to learn from an amazing artist. Chances like this don't come around very often!

Call the shoppe to sign up today! 315-633-5325

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